Why should I use a professional design studio?

Working with a design studio for the first time can be a daunting prospect. You’ve decided that you need to update your logo, or revamp your website perhaps but what happens next?

Every business, product, service, client, customer, or selling point is different in some way. The skill of a good design studio or marketing agency is to extrapolate your aims, objectives, likes and dislikes to create solutions that look great but most importantly culminate in tangible business results. Here are some tips and advice on using a professional studio or agency…


The best way to choose a design studio is via a recommendation. Ask your friends, family, peers and perhaps even your competitors, if they’ve used anyone that they would recommend. Rather like choosing a builder it’s much more reassuring, and there are more guarantees you’ll be happy with the results, if you use a tried and tested supplier than someone random from the phonebook!

However you may not know anyone who has directly worked with a similar business, but by asking questions on forums such as LinkedIn you’ll find you’ll get a good response. If you do go down this route however, be prepared to potentially receive unsolicited replies from all over the globe – you’ll have to weed out the ones that sounds right and that you can trust!

Once you’ve shortlisted a few have a look at their website, follow them on social media, check out their past projects and their client list. Every design studio will have a certain style and type of clients, at KYAK for example we specialise in producing contemporary design solutions for the sport, fitness and leisure industry.

If it’s all looking good, get in touch!


The most important thing when beginning a working relationship with a new supplier is to be open and honest. This may mean you have to ask the agency to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if your product or service hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but holding back information or your thoughts and fears will mean they only get part of the picture which will reflect on the final solution(s).
At KYAK we take time to get to know you and your business before we even think about putting together a quote. Traditionally this would have taken the form of a face-to-face meeting but these days it may be a phone call, video conference or a number of emails so we can be sure of the brief before progressing further.

Relationship building is vital since we see ourselves as an extension to your team and in it for the long run, not to just throw a logo together and take the cash!


Once we have gathered as much information as we need (we may send you a summary to check that we’re all on the same page) we will put together a quote for you.
This quote will list all of the components that we will deliver for you and of course the associated costs. These figures will have been worked out using our hourly rate based on the number of hours our experience tells us a job will take.

If we encounter any unforeseen additions to a project, or if the goalposts change mid project meaning additional costs we will always communicate this before proceeding. This means that you should be completely clear on what it is your receiving, when by and exactly how much it’s going to cost you. If you’re not sure at any stage then just ask!


It’s usually at this stage that a design studio will go a little quiet as they beaver away on your project. We will always do our best to communicate when you can expect to see something and how we’re getting along.
Depending on the project in question there may be a fair bit of research required, such as developing business names, or analysing your competitors. Once this has been done then we would develop a number of concepts (the exact number and nature would depend on the project) for you to digest.

Ideally we would present these to you in person but again it may be that we simply send over a PDF and then talk you through the work. However hopefully most of what you see should be self explanatory since your customers wont have the benefit of an explanation!!


Following your feedback on the initial concepts (you may have an immediate response or you may wish to circulate it among colleagues or friends and family, or perhaps have a focus group pour over it) either way, once we know what you like, or dislike, and what needs to be done then we will make a start on producing a refined set of designs which will get closer to a final solution.
This process can result in some back and forth but if the discussions and the brief have been accurate from the start then hopefully it won’t take too long to get to the solution that you love.


By now you should have a design or a solution that you’re happy with. Again, depending on what it is we’re producing for you (logo, website, exhibition graphics, merchandise for example) will dictate how long this final stage of producing finished artwork and solutions will take.
Once the project is complete you’ll be asked to check it over thoroughly and sign it off. It is usually at this stage that you will be invoiced for the completed work but this can depend on the project in question since we may have had to ask for a payment in advance of starting if it’s a new relationship or we are going to incur costs as part of the work.


Once you’ve got your hands on your swanky new logo, or your shiny new website don’t sit back admiring it for too long! You only get one chance to launch it to the world and although at KYAK we’re happy to help you do this by putting a marketing plan into action, whether we’re doing it or you then post, pin, click, link, shout, nudge, wink or whatever it takes to get it out there and to start the process of attracting customers.


At KYAK we don’t charge for a chat, so just pick up the phone, drop us an email or say hello to the team on a video call. It could be the start of a beautiful collaboration!