How should I promote my business post Covid-19?

How should I promote my business post Covid-19?
In this new working environment we find ourselves in it can be easy to feel a sense of despair and a great deal of uncertainty as the business you've grown, or recently launched, is turned upside down. What should you do? Who should you turn to? Where should you invest your money? In fact should you be spending anything at all?!
We don't have all the answers, especially since the goalposts are constantly moving, but there are some tried and tested methods and practices that you should be considering. Here are a few pointers and words of advice...
1. TALK.
Don't shut yourself away and hope things will get better, the landscape has changed but the are plenty of people that can help or at least lend an ear. From your peers who are going through similar difficulties to experts in the field of branding and marketing, there are many solutions for you to consider and plenty of examples of how things can be done.
One size doesn't fit all, this is the perfect time for you to evaluate your customer base, your unique selling points (USP) and how you want to be perceived either as an individual or a larger business.
3. ASK.
You'll find that a problem shared is definitely halved, and coming up with a plan to move forward will make you feel much more confident about the future. You can ask friends and family, your peers, a design/marketing agency but don't forget your current customers or send out a survey using a tool like survey monkey (or in the post - old school!), if you don't ask the people you're actually targeting you're presuming, and that can lead to expensive and ineffective solutions.
Look at your brand, your website, your marketing, your social media and your customer database then look at your competitors. How do you compare? What do you like? What do you dislike? How would you do it different or better? If you're not sure then ask someone to look at these areas independently so you can get an honest opinion since you're bound to be a little bit biased!?
Get on with making changes. Unfortunately you will have to speculate to accumulate which will probably mean investing in some professional services but there are also plenty of free tools available such as Mailchimp (for newsletters), YouTube (for hosting videos) and of course social media platforms. There's no direct cost for your time however you will need to weigh up the time it takes to create and promote content versus paying someone to do it for you.
Give you brand a polish, get that logo looking mint, make sure your website has relevant video content and great photography (which needn't cost the earth but is so vitally important in projecting a professional image and in optimising your website), have great content, write a regular blog, get some merch printed. Get out of your comfort zone and be proud of yourself and the business you've created. Being human, unique and personable is why people will come to you and want to engage you and the services or products you offer.
At KYAK we don't charge for a chat as you wouldn't expect your friends and peers to, so just pick up the phone or meet with us on a video conference call. We'll happily chat through the issues and provide advice where we can, and of course we'd love to come on board and work as an extension to your business if you feel you need additional support.
At KYAK Studio we don't charge for a chat so get in touch and see how we can help you formulate plans for the future.
Although times are tough and certainly challenging there are fantastic opportunities to be had. The digital world means your reach can be so much greater than before, the number of customers you can engage could be far higher than before, plus you may be able to do an awful lot from the comfort of your home saving on travel time and costs. However, be prepared. It is HARD work and there's no quick and easy way to achieve your ambitions without putting in the hours.