KYAK were recently commissioned to produce a new brand for a fitness company looking to launch their first product – a unique drink bottle.

Before even starting to create some concepts we got to know the business and their future plans. We were then able to provide a suggested route which meant not only their current needs would be met but also their future plans and ideas. 

From here the word ‘Strøme’ was born. With its Scandinavian roots to represent the design feel of the businesses as well as its link to the Scottish Highlands, where the business is based, it perfectly encapsulated everything the company stood for.

Strome introduction image and text

Developing the brand

Once we had the name agreed we developed a contemporary logo that included a symbol that took it’s references from the Scandinavian letter ‘ø’ and that also created an ‘s’ shape. A colour palette and image style was developed by referencing the Scottish Highlands and a brand was born!

Strome branding
Strome brand elements

Product Development

With the brand now developed we were able to produce solutions for the drinks bottle itself. By creating a new name ‘StrømeShaker’ we used the core brand alongside the unique features of the innovative drink bottle.

Together with a colour palette that extended from the original brand we advised the client on brand solutions ready for manufacture.

StromeShaker brand elements
StromeShaker bottles

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