We were tasked by a gym in Newark, Nottinghamshire to overhaul their brand, explore how to improve their identity and market themselves as a bespoke independent facility.

Over time their brand had become confused and no longer represented the values and plans the owners had for the future. We began the process from the very beginning by undertaking a brand review and asking the owners to complete a KYAK questionnaire so we could better understand their aim, objectives and audience. Once we had a clearer idea of their plans we did a ‘namestorming’ exercise where we presented a long list of potential new names.

From here the choice was honed down and one became the obvious stand out solution – FUSE

FUSE Fitness namestorming image

Developing the brand

Having settled on a name the KYAK team progressed to looking at options for a logo and how that could work across a range of applications, some of which we have shown below.

The aim from the outset was to produce a unique, bespoke and stylish venue and brand that would stand apart from local competitors and encourage new enquiries and retain existing clients. We created a logo that subtly references the ignition/electric aspect of the name by including a ‘fuse’ threading through the word and beyond.

Together with a palette of copper and a dark denim blue the FUSE Fitness brand started to evolve and a striking new look was born.

FUSE Fitness logo

Website design & build

Using a WordPress template to enable speed of build and maximum flexibility KYAK designed a stunning new website for FUSE that showcases the range of services they offer and all the information someone making enquiries would need. With a look that reinforces their unique brand style the website is a crucial tool in helping their business take the next step.

FUSE Fitness website image
FUSE Fitness campaign poster

Interior & Exterior Design

Of course a vitally important part of the brand was the gym itself. KYAK provided a range of solutions for the interior and exterior of the building from an initial mood board looking at different materials and finishes to producing a 3 metre backlit sign to sit on the outside of the building and even a branded doormat!

The result is truly transformational and the response from those who have seen it so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

FUSE Fitness is now a standout venue that provides fitness clients with a unique setting to achieve their fitness goals.

BeforeFUSE Fitness outside signage

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