Where to start with large format graphics & signage

Where to start with large format graphics & signage
Maybe you've got a big blank wall in your place of work that's staring at you or perhaps a sign that's looking tatty, or maybe the MD has asked you to create a solution for an upcoming exhibition but where the heck do you start?!
Well the obvious answer is to contact the team here at KYAK who have many years of experience in producing large format graphics, signage and wayfinding solutions. But how do we go about the task at hand and what methods do we use to produce successful solutions?
Taking an initial step back to understand the problem at hand and/or the objectives is the first task. For example the exhibition stand produced for Wattbike didn't start to come to life until we had resolved the aim of the exhibition, the location and orientation of the stand, what we wanted the customer to take from the experience and what key features of the product had to be demonstrated and communicated.
The result was the stand below that was made of modular parts that could be scaled up or down for future events and exhibitions providing great value as well as generating considerable interest on the day plus leads and enquiries that continued long after the exhibition had finished.
It's also important to have a supplier that you work with and trust, especially when it comes to expensive items such as a six meter wide 3D sign that was installed at Oak Tree leisure centre! KYAK has some fantastic suppliers that work with us to measure the spaces accurately, collaborate on ideas for materials and finishes and to help plan the installation with all the necessary safety precautions and paperwork in place. The end result is a thoroughly professional finish ensuring that our design work comes to life and our customers are delighted with the results.
Each project has a different challenge to overcome, whether that's budget, location, opening hours or even leisure centres that need to stay open while everything is erected! Allowing enough time to the project is crucial so that all of these considerations can be ironed out well in advance. Planning, planning and more planning before a design has even been started is the key to success!
Admittedly it doesn't always go smoothly, there are some factors that just can't be foreseen. However KYAK attends every project in person and together with the install team we can come up with solutions and workarounds if needed, but as always the more time allowed the better the final outcome.
There are so many solutions, materials and finishes available that it wouldn't be possible to go into them all here. From printed wallpaper, to backlit signs, contravision window vinyl that allows you to see in but not out (or visa versa) the use of wood, printed substrates, dibond aluminium etc etc. Just some of the many ways to bring an area to life or to promote a product that a design studio such as KYAK, together with our skilled suppliers, can deliver.
It's important to think of the sum of all parts. If you're thinking of covering a gym wall with a fantastic motivational image there's no point not considering the old tatty signs blue tacked to the doors! Take the time to walk through the entire area from start to finish to consider it from a customer or users perspective.
You may not have the budget to do everything at once but what are the priorities, what will have the most impact and most importantly what will get people talking and wanting to come back again and again?!