Wattbike Zone
& Photoshoot


Creating large format graphics and brand photography

Wattbike offer branded design solutions for anyone purchasing bikes for a commercial space to help promote the product and encourage use by members. This can range from a simple pull up banner showing the user how best to use the bike, to posters and large scale zone graphics.

One such project was undertaken by KYAK Director, and former Head of Design at Wattbike – Rob, for the Places for People leisure centre in Rotherham. A considerable number of Wattbikes were installed into a cycling studio and graphics were produced to cover large internal walls, the reception area and a bank of windows running around two sides of the studio.

The result was an immersive Wattbike experience and an advert for the facility easily seen from afar thanks to the large window graphics that were installed.

Following the zone installation the venue was also used as the location for a Wattbike photoshoot showing real people using the bikes in the cycling studio and carefully chosen models in the main gym. The photoshoot was art directed by Rob and the images have subsequently been used for a considerable number of Wattbike commercial marketing projects.

Wattbike Banner Graphics