Creating the Strøme brand


Creating a brand for a new start-up company

We were asked by a new start-up business to create their brand and then extend it into their first product. We started by developing a brand story by creating a narrative between their Scottish roots and their chosen Scandinavian name – Strøme. Once that had been approved we moved on to developing their logo, a symbol based on the letter ‘s’ and the Scandinavian ‘ø’ letter, and their colour palette which was based on the natural colours of the Scottish highlands.

KYAK then created brand guidelines, initial marketing material and even assisted with their product aesthetic, examples of some of this work can be seen below.

The Strøme brand is designed to be unique in the fitness and leisure marketplace by bucking the trend of limited and masculine prime palettes for something that is more tangible, personable, unisex and desirable.

Strome introduction image and text
Strome brand guidelines
Strome logo guidelines and icon set

Introducing the Strømeshaker

Once the core Strøme brand had been created we moved on to working with the client to define their first product – the Strømeshaker. An innovative and revolutionary bottle that creates ultra smooth shakes solving issues people experience with supplement preparation in a stylish and unique way. We developed the adaption to the Strøme logo and a colour palette for the bottles that complemented the core brand.

Our vision for the brand from the outset was to ensure the client had scope to add new products to their portfolio and this first product demonstrates that brand extension perfectly.

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StromeShaker logo and bottle
StromeShaker bottles